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Zionist Betrayal of Jews: From Herzl to Netanyahu

Inside you’ll read about:

· A Zionist leader who collaborated with a murderous anti-Semitic Czarist minister

· A member of the Zionist Executive who signed an agreement with a man whose forces had just killed thousands of Jews

· The first major act of appeasement to Hitler, the destruction of the international anti-Nazi boycott

· A group honored in Israel today that tried to make an alliance with Nazi Germany during the Holocaust

· Eli Wiesel’s broken-hearted disappointment with leaders of Jewish Palestine

· German Nazis that Israel employed after the war

· The South American Hitler-loving regime to which Israel sold weapons in the 1970’s

· Netanyahu’s close relations with governments that praise Nazi collaborators

· Netanyahu’s part in the making of the anti-Semitic lies about Soros

· Netanyahu’s close relations with Trump who opened the floodgates to anti-Semitism and racism in the U.S.



 softcover, 107 pages of text

It will be given away at Middle East Crisis Committee events for donations to MECC of $10 or more.  

No online version yet

Contact me if you're in the northeast and would like me to give a book talk.  The "official" book launch was Sat. November 2 in the New Haven Library 

All the 300 Links

I tried to give a source for everything I referred to that wasn't common knowledge.   Almost all of the sources are from the internet.  I favored Zionist sources and corporate papers for obvious reasons.  If you'd like to explore the linked sources there's no need to type in the long strings of letters and numbers.  Just click here for the End Notes page and click on the link.