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The Uprising We Need

No War in Korea

Apology to Syrians

Welcome to The Struggle

Article Printed in Newspapers and on Various Sites 

As Gaza is Without Light Congress Debates an Anti-BDS Bill – August 4, 2017, New Haven Register

Hunger Strikes, Hunger Deaths –  - May 18, 2017, New Haven Register

Will Syria be Obama’s Rwanda? – December 2016, The Hill

A Pro-Slavery Yalie, Indian Removal and #NODapl - November 2016, Indian Country Today 

Should We Be Surprised “Anti-War” Gabbard Auditions for Trump? Nov. 2016, New Politics

Answering Scott Ritter’s Attack on the White Helmets – Oct. 15, 2016, New Politics 

What does voting for the lesser evil get you?  - July 2016, Socialist Worker 

Breaking Americans’ Addiction to ‘Meth’ (Methane Gas, That Is) - March 2016, Truthdig

Food Airdrops to Syrians –– January 23, 2016, New York Times

Armchair Wargaming Isn’t Helping Syrians –Oct 2015, Truthdig


From 2003 to 2017, oldest to newest


Freezing for Peace – January 2003, Counterpunch

It’s Not Just the Oil - February 2003,

U.S. Must Probe Death in Gaza (Rachel Corrie) – April 2003, Electronic Intifada

This is What Privatization Looks Like - April 15, 2003, Counterpunch

Reagan and the Killing Fields of Lebanon - September 21, 2004 - Counterpunch

Connecticut Chooses Death -  January 2005, Counterpunch

Time to Shake Up the Peace Movement- April 13, 2006, Counterpunch

The Massacre at Qana, 10 Years Later - April 13, 2006, Counterpunch

Is Another Mass Murder of Arabs In the Offing? -May 6, 2006, Counterpunch

Bill Clinton Rushes to Lieberman’s Rescue - July 29, 2006, Counterpunch

When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is “Anti-Semitic” – September 2, 2006, Counterpunch 

A Neocon Looks Two Conquests Ahead -April 2, 2007, Counterpunch

Arrest Robert McNamara – June 1, 2007, Counterpunch

Report from the Land of Apartheid -August 2, 2007, Counterpunch

Something New from the Anti-War Movement - October 23, 2007,Counterpunch

Worst Movie of the Year – Brzezinski and Charlie Wilson’s War - Dec. 26, 2007 Counterpunch

The Siege of Gaza is Broken –- January 24, 2008, Counterpunch

A Damned Good Assembly, July 2008 Counterpunch

The Killing of Count Folke Bernadotte -September 17, 2008, Counterpunch

Wall Street Bonus Madness - Oct 2008 Counterpunch

Don’t Bail Them Out, Take Them Over - November 26, 2008, Counterpunch

Create Uncle Sam Motors – November 28, 2008, Oped News

Why It's Useless to Lobby Congress on Gaza -January 2009 Counterpunch

Foreign Soldier Shoots American.  What will Obama Do? -March 7, 2009, Oped News

Thank God, It Was Only Rumors (War Crimes in Gaza) -April 2009 Counterpunch

Obama’s Non-Starter New Style, Same Substance - June 2009, Counterpunch

We Need Movies About Heroes, not "Basterds" - August 2009, Op-Ed News

May 12, Iraqi Genocide Day – May 10, 2010, Counter

Grand Theft Flotilla - June 2010, Counterpunch

20 Years After Sanctions – August 2010, Op-Ed News

How Would You Spend a Trillion Dollars?- August 2010, Counterpunch

Washing Away Labor’s War Stain -September 2010, Counterpunch

Timidity on the Mall -October 2010, Counterpunch

Up Yours John Stewart -November 2010, Counterpunch 

Glenn Beck Hates Unions -September 2010, Op-Ed News

South Korea Shot Over 3,600 Shells -December 2010 Op-Ed News

Revealed in the “White House Diary” (of Jimmy Carter) -March 2011, Op-ed News

Awesome Israeli Military Achievement (Sarcasm) -July 2011, Op-Ed News

Tell the Truth about Yitzhak Shamir, July 23, 2012, Socialist Worker

Wishing for a New Lincoln, November 2012, Op-Ed News

A Revolution in Song – Socialist Worker,  January 2013

"Argo", Just Another Assault on Middle Eastern People -February 2013, Op-Ed News

The Einstein Letter at 65 - December 2013 Op-Ed News 

Boycott Resolution Necessary, December 28, 2013, Hartford Courant

What about Palestinians?, January 13, 2014, Yale Daily News

The Choctaw Gift to the Starving Irish, March 18, 2014, Indian Country Today Media Network

Andrew Jackson Cancelled -March 2014, Indian Country Today Media Network

Insulting Tourist Blurb Touts Seminole Warrior Osceola -June 4, 2014 Indian Country Today Media Network

Break the “Redskin” Stalemate with a Media Boycott – June 30, 204, Indian Country Today Media Network

Bridgeport Coal Plant has Got to Go -Oct 2014, Connecticut Post

Why does the U.S. support Israel’s ‘Jim Crow’ government? -December 12, 2014,  New Haven Register

Our shameful support for extremist Saudi Arabia - February 12, 2015, New Haven Register

Silence Equals Violence – Remember the Sand Creek Massacre -February 26, 2016, Indian Country Today Media Network

Confronting Islamic Extremism -March 9, 2015, New York Times

One Girl's Drive to Force a Town to Drop Racist Mascot - March 2015 Indian Country Today

The bitter anniversary of Yusuf Shawamreh’s Death - March 2015, Mondoweiss

Calling Out Senator Blumenthal on Iran -May 5, 2015, Truthdig

Why a U.S. Alliance With al-Qaida Is a Crazy Idea, June 30, 2015, Truthdig

Why Does Connecticut Continue to Invest in Israel -July 22, 2015, New Haven Register

A Critical Look at ‘Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Tail’ – August 2015, Truthdig

How Israel honors the murderers in its midst, August 31, 2015, Electronic Intifada

It’s Time to Break With Saudi Arabia’s ‘Kingdom of Horrors’, Sep 15, 2015, Truthdig

Tom BK Goldtooth Given the Gandhi Peace Award - November 14, 2015, Indian Country Today Media Network,

U.S. Union Support for Palestinian Rights Could Be a Game Changer - Nov 2015, Truthdig

“Progress” is Fatal - Dec 21, 2015, Truthdig

Why isn’t the U.N. or the U.S. air dropping food to Syrians? - January 2016 New Haven Register

The Left’s False Logic on Syria -March 2016, Socialist Worker

Senator, the Problem of Saudi Arabia is Much, Much More Than Lack of Equality -March 17, 2016, Truthdig

Rage for Aleppo and Syria - September 28, 2016, New Politics

A Deal That Will Bring Neither Peace Nor Justice – Socialist Worker - Sept 2016

Who Can You Believe About the “White Helmets”? -March 11, 2017, New Politics